Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shopping at Rite Aid This Week

Wow Rite Aid had some GREAT deals this week!!!!  I got most of the above for FREE!!  My total before sale and couponz was $73.89 and AFTER I paid JUST $.17!!!!  yes that is awesome!!!  17 cents for all this stuff!  

How did I do it and what did I get? (click on online coupon to get yours)

18 Hershey Bars sale B1G1, coupon 4/17, B1G1 ALL FREE wahoo SMORES!
4 Tylenol Precise Pain Cream/Patches sale $5.00 online coupon $5.00 FREE
4 Packs of Stride Gum sale $.88 coupon RA ad perks $.50 Manuf Coupon $1.00/2
1 Bottle Similac Formula sale $4.99 coupon $5.00 FREE
4 cans Almonds sale B1G1 coupon save $1.00/3
2 Bottles Snapple sale $.88 coupon RA ad perks  $1.00
2 packages Carefree sale $1.00 coupon $1.00

I also had
$3.00 off coupon from taking a survey online
Coupon valued at $1.00 for watching videos on Ad Perk
$2.00 UP coupon

I also would like to express how WONDERFUL the manager at Rite Aid in Keene is!  I had a great conversation with Scott about how much his store is improving with keeping stock!  Thank you so much Scott!!!


  1. Sweet deals, gf!!! Rite Aid was def my favorite store this week! :)

  2. I don't get the Hershey bar deal.....totally confused on how it is all free LOL.

  3. Ok so the STORE is having a buy 1 get 1 free sale, the coupon os also buy 1 get one free so combined together you are able to fet them both free. One from the store and one from your coupon.