Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yes that was my total before sales and couponz....let me just tell you how I was feeling when I saw that total on the screen....

I felt as though I had made a HUGE mistake somewhere. 

 I thought there is NO WAY I am paying for this...I DON'T WANT to pay that much for all this stuff!!!  

My face got so red...what was I going to tell this poor cashier?  "Oh I am sorry, I changed my mind I don't want this stuff."  

Sorry for the quality of my picture.  I took it with my phone.
I handed him my coupons....

I couldn't watch, even though I HAD to make sure everything was coming off correctly!  

All of a sudden BEEP BEEP BEEP

What's happening, I asked him.

He said your Coke coupon has expired...

WHAT?!?!?  No I am so good at that PLUS I just got it out of this weeks flyer.

He checks the date...oh it is for the 21st and today is the 19th...Let me call my manager

The poor people behind me....she smiles and says "Well Dear we have to save where we can."  

Baby starts screaming...I start screaming inside my head....

Manager comes over and says Oh this coupon is for our NY stores...WHOOPS I didn't even know they had different coupons!  I told her I didn't need the Coke, but she nicely honored the coupon.  


  Thank you!  (I bet the baby screaming helped me out on this one)

OK your grand total is...........$56.52

What?!?  There is no 1 hundred in front of that?  OK I will not make you put all this stuff away...I will pay you $56.52!  

Thanks Price Chopper!


My Sunday Coupons are all in my binder so I do not know the date or which insert)

My Price Chopper Shopping List 5/19 

6 Wisk Sale $3.49  coupon Sunday paper $2.00 off   Total $1.49 each
9 Finish Tabs Sale $2.49  coupon Sunday paper $.75 off DOUBLE Total  $1.00 each
1 PC Eggs coupon in Flyer Total $.98
2 Ziplock Storage Bags  sale $2.00  Sunday coupon save $1.00/2  Total $1.50 each
10 Texas Toast Croutons (MY FAV!) Sale $.89  Sunday coupon save $1.00/2 Total $.39 each
4 Beechnut Jars $.50 each coupon from mail total FREE
3 2 Packs Gerber Baby food $1.00 coupon from mail save $1.00/3 Total $.66 each
2 Boxes Beechnut Oatmeal $2.19 coupon from mail  total FREE
4 Cokes NY coupon was 4/$11.00 $.23 a can
Wise Chz Doodles Sale $1.49 coupon online (awhile ago) $.50 double Total $.49 each
Cottonelle 12 pack sale $6.99 PC Facebook Coupon $5.99 plus coupon $.50 double Total $4.99
Viva 6 pack sale $6.99 PC Facebook Coupon $5.99 plus $2.00 FB coupon Total $3.99
Ice Cream Bars Sale $3.50  PC Facebook Coupon $1.25 off  Shaws coupon $1.00 off Total $1.25
Plus I got Strawberries, Tomatoes, Apples, and Blueberries!!!  No coupons for these.

IF I did my math right, it looks like I saved 67%  Not bad for having 2 kids with me :o)

Off to make a RA and Walgreens list now :o)  Any deals I HAVE to have from these stores?

Happy Saving!! 


  1. If you have the $1 Finish coupons there is a deal at Walgreens - $3.49, use your $1 coupon, pay $2.49 and get a $1.50 RR.

  2. Awesome haul, my friend! If you haven't hit RA yet, the Sobe Life Water is on sale for $1 each, with a $1 UP reward when you buy 5, and we have a $1.50 off 5 coupon, making them 50¢ each. HOWEVER, if you really want to get a great deal on them, buy 15 of them, use a $3 off $15 coupon, and get back $3 in UPs. This makes them 30¢ each. :) We LOVE Sobe drinks in our house; so we used up all of our coupons between the two RA's.