Saturday, May 28, 2011

Price Chopper Rock'd Today!

Yes I waited till the LAST minute to do my Price Chopper shopping this week.

I was expecting to not be able to get a few of the items BUT I got everything on my list!!!

.....and here it all is.....

I am not going to list all the coupons tonight because today was the last day of the sale.

I was pretty happy with my trip today!

I got:

6 jars of pasta sauce
12 bottles of Gatorade
6 Degree Deodorant
6 boxes popcorn
2 half gallons Bryers
2 dips
3 boxes Curad bag of sweet potato fries
3 bags of chips
1 I Can't Believe it's Not Butter
2 Head and Shoulders
2 Blueberry Juice
Fizzy Cranberry cans
4 Solo Cups
Coke (not pictured)
hotdog rolls (not pictured)

Total before advantage sale and coupons


Total after I swiped my awesome blue Price Chopper card and handed over that stack of coupons....


Happy Dance and a Big Smile!!!!!

This never gets old :o)

I am so happy I am able to provide my family with such great food and treats...all while saving us money!

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