Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shopping List Book

I have been searching for a notebook to keep near my computer so I can write down the weekly deals at my local stores.  I am so picky and knew just what I wanted but couldn't find it.

I wanted a book with multiple tabs for each store I shop at.
I wanted a see through pocket for each store to keep my coupons for the weekly sale.
I wanted it to be pretty!

So instead of continuing my search I decided to make my own...

So pretty!

So awesome!  My shopping trip tonight went wonderfully!  This book keeps everything organized more coupons in my jacket pocket!  Remember to always take your binder in the store as well!


Happy Savings!


  1. Yep, I need one of these! I am writing each store with my finds on a piece of paper and then using a plastic mini coupon organizer and it just doesn't do the trick. You're so smart!!! :)

  2. I just use the leftover pieces of paper from cutting out printable coupons. It works great. I make my list & then fold my coupons up in that list. I make one for each store that I'm going to. Then I tuck them into my jacket pocket or purse. That way I won't forget to take them with me. Of course, my coupon keeper is in there too, in case I spot an unadvertised bargain.

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