Wednesday, April 13, 2011

$93.03 Retail...but I Didn't Pay That!

Here is a picture of my Price Chopper trip today!  If I didn't shop the sales and use coupons I would have walked out of the store spending $93.03 for all of this...but NOT ME!!!!

So what did I get?
3 Polish Kielbasa
4 bags of Texas Toast Croutons
4 pack of BallPark Franks
Hot dog rolls
3 tubes Colgate
4 bottles Propel
2 boxes pasta
2 Ham Steaks
3 bags frozen veggies
1 Box of Popcorn (6 bags)
5 boxes Zatarain rice
1 box Uncles Ben's rice
Minute ready to Serve rice
4 Strawberry Jam's
BBQ sauce

So how much do you think?


  1. hmmm...I got a lot of that same stuff tonight. ;) I'll guess $35.

  2. Avril was SOO close!!!! I spent $24.33!!!!

  3. My favorite place for freebies is Rite Aid. My best haul so far was just over a week ago. I did two transactions, between the two: Retail total $96.41; Sale Price total $63.51. After coupons, ready? Are you sitting down? You'd better sit down...... whew! Total out of pocket cost to me $1.70.
    I did not take any pictures but it was definitely a good day.