Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet My Binder

Keeping your coupons organized is a MUST when trying to SAVE money!   When I first started couponing a few months ago I had this little purple envelope style coupon organizer that I thought was AWESOME!  Boy was I wrong!  After doing some online research on how others were organizing (so many different ways you can organize your coupons) I decided to go with the binder method by category.  I LOVE it!  Nothing makes me happier (ok well somethings) than flipping through my book, seeing every single coupon.
 I got this great PINK binder at Target for $19.99.  I LOVE how it has a strap for over my shoulder and a handle for easy pick up.  Perfect for when I have the boyzzz with me, after I grab the carseat I just throw my binder over my shoulder and I still have 2 hands for the 2 other boyzz. 

When you unzip the binder it has 2 sides with rings.  There is so much room inside this binder!  I printed the categorizes from the Krazy Coupon Lady's website and inserted them into plastic sheet protectors.  I have not added my tabs yet but will very soon, I think it will be much easier finding the category.  Behind every category page I have baseball card protector sheets.  These are great to slide in your coupons, each item has it's own pocket.  So easy to find a coupon you are looking for, and quickly!  No more standing at the grocery store thumbing through a huge stack of coupons.  

The Krazy Coupon Lady has a Great video on 2 different binder methods.  Go check it out!

Want to see my binder, and others up close and personal?  Come to the Crazy 'bout Couponz 

Thanks for stopping by today!  HAPPY SAVINGS!!!


  1. Love this, Kylah! I printed off the same category dividers for them! I added some pockets in the front for each store I go to, plus tabs to make it easy to flip to each section. I LOVE your binder with the strap! :)

  2. Oh.. I LOVE this!! I have been looking for a binder with a strap or handle, this one is perfect. I may have to go to to see if I can find one for myself :). Tons of room in it too.. BONUS!!!