Friday, March 18, 2011

What a Deal!

Last night I found a GREAT deal on Miracle Whip!  Now I am now a big fan, but other people in the house say they will enjoys a little MW on their ham sandwich...and for this price they will REALLY enjoy it :o)

I had a coupon that I got on Facebook (great resource for coupons lately!  Companies want you to "LIKE" their page and then they offer you coupons!  BONUS!)  I just went on over to the Miracle Whip Facebook page here wrote why I liked MW....and then printed my $1.00 off coupon!  EASY.

Scanning the clearance aisle at Target last night I noticed MW for $1.58!!!  I was so excited that I just scored a 22 oz bottle for just .58 CENTS.  There was only 1 left in Keene but if you are traveling this weekend and LOVE MW it may be worth stopping at another Target to take a peek :o)

Also MW is offering FREE SAMPLES click here and you will get 2 packets in the mail :o)  Time to fill up your mailbox with FREE stuff!!!!

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