Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let's Start Couponing!!!!

So many people have asked me to start a coupon club of some sort.  I thought that I would start a blog instead first and see if anything evolves from it.  I would love this to be a place where we share the deals we find in this area.  :o)  It amazes me the great deals that are out there.  Email me your deals and I will post it right here for everyone to see.  

Please make sure you follow this blog AND sign up for email alerts...every time I post to the blog you will get an email so you can read all about how much YOU can save!

First I want to let everyone know I am a BEGINNER!  I just started couponing about a month ago and I am so addicted!  The first time I walked into Walgreens and bought over $100.00 worth of stuff for $50.00 I was I do so much better then that!  

I was given some GREAT advice from a fellow blogger, she told me to buy a Sunday paper for every person in your household.  You always want to get an even number for the buy one get one free sales you will find at the store...more about that soon!  

I buy a Saturday paper for the flyers and 4 Sunday papers for the coupons!!!!  YES I AM CRAZY 'BOUT COUPONS!!!!

I will post sales here in this area every week as I find them :o)  I hope you all are able to save save save!!!!

First thing to do if you are really serious about slashing your grocery bill is go buy a binder to keep all your coupons in.  You are going to need a binder not just a little envelope.  Organization will really keep you on me!  I went to Walmart and bought a zipper binder for $10.00.  My sister got her's at K-Mart for under $9.00.

I also bought some baseball card holders to slide my coupons right in.  I found mine at Walmart for around $5.00, get 2 won't take long for your coupon collection to grow!  

I will share some pictures of my book in the next few days.

Sunday is quickly approaching and with your many coupon inserts from the paper you are going to need a great tip to putting your coupons away in under an hour...while catching up on your DVR :o)

I am very excited to start couponing with all of you!!!!

Let's start getting the DEALS!

Happy Saving!

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  1. I will try to give this coupon hobby one more time....Thnks for sharing your tips!